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Patrick Sasnett Encourages Taking Small Daily Steps Towards Living Healthier

Patrick Sasnett is a Florida pastor who spends free time coaching his community towards wholesome, healthier lifestyles. Understanding that change doesn’t happen overnight, he encourages a variety of small steps people can take to become more mindful, appreciative, and happy in their day-to-day lives.

Pastor Patrick Sasnett recognized that health and happiness are things that many people in America struggle with, including those in his immediate community. One of the biggest obstacles he repeatedly encountered was the fear of change, which deters people from making real improvements in their daily lives.

“People are naturally afraid of change and often get too comfortable in their habits and rhythms to want to change in the first place,” says Patrick Sasnett. “But at the same time, they report being unhappy or unhealthy and don’t have any hope of improving their circumstance.”

Failing health is a common topic in cities across the country, whether it’s poor heart health, poor diet, lack of nutrition and exercise, or other contributors. Happiness tends to follow the same trends with more and more people feeling depressed, hopeless, disconnected from the world, and lost as time goes on. Instead of transforming their lifestyles, Patrick Sasnett advises that people keep a few important aspects in mind and make small choices that will lead them towards a happier, healthier life.

“First and foremost, people should get a lot more activity than they do right now,” says Patrick Sasnett, noting the HHS study that claims more than 80% of people do not get adequate exercise.1 “And it doesn’t have to be tough or demanding; just a change from sitting down all the time.”

Patrick Sasnett suggests going for a fifteen-minute walk around the neighborhood each evening or getting involved in local sports leagues to boost exercise. He explains that a little activity can go a long way, helping people maintain blood pressure, reduce stress, and keep at a healthy weight. Additionally, he encourages people just to get out of the house to avoid feeling isolated or secluded and to break up monotonous routines.

Eating healthier will fuel the body with appropriate energy and nutrition, which he says can be as simple as introducing a daily multivitamin or cutting down on fast food. Instead of undergoing an entire diet change, Patrick Sasnett encourages people to make one healthy choice at every meal to eventually create a habit of healthier choices.

He also mentions that unhappiness may be a product of not having enough time in your day to do the things you want. People will be happier if they set aside even a small window of time each day to perform an activity that’s only meant for them to enjoy, he believes.

“People don’t have to overhaul their lives to see an impactful change in health and happiness,” Patrick Sasnett says. “With small steps each day, they can achieve positive longtime goals without even noticing.”

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Bible Facts that Every Christian Should Know with Patrick Sassnet

Think you know everything about the Bible? Patrick Sasnett has these facts to share.

The Bible is a wonderful time. Carefully crafted, edited, revised and rewritten over more than 1500 years, the Book is an invaluable resource for wisdom and moral guidance that has constantly been refreshed by some of the greatest and most devout followers of God throughout the years. The Bible holds within it universal truths that can be revealed through careful study and interpretation. And while everyone should read their Bible daily, it’s easy to miss or even forget some of the most basic Biblical truths and get distracted by everyday life. For that reason we’ve teamed up with Patrick Sassnet, a youth pastor, to discuss some Bible facts that every Christian should be aware of.

The Bible is Old

As discussed above, the Bible was penned over a 1500 year period. While the first and oldest chapters were written by Moses, the Bible would go on to have over 40 different authors. According to Patrick Sasnett, the reason for this is that it took that long for God to reveal his Word. The time it took to write the Bible is actually proof of how amazing it really is; considering that the underlying message of God’s love for humanity is so pertinent and consistent.

The Shortest Book in the Bible is Only 219 Words Long

While the Bible itself is a massive book in and of itself, the smallest composite book within it is only a mere 219 words long. It’s 3 John, and if you’re a fast reader you’ll be able to complete it in under a minute. According to Patrick Sasnett, the book directly before it – 2 John – is the second shortest book in the bible, clocking in at 245 words.

The Bible was Written By a Diverse Group of People

Many people believe that the Bible was simply written by poor and humble followers of Christ; that’s not true. The occupations of the writers of the Bible were numerous and varied. Kings, fishermen, homeless prophets, doctors, a scribe and many other vocations were the voices behind what would eventually go on to become the Holy Word of God. According to Patrick Sasnett, the Bible is, in effect, one of the most diverse texts ever created!

Ways in Which Prayer Can Help You - Patrick Joseph Sassnet

Ways in Which Prayer Can Help You with Patrick Joseph Sassnet

Unsure about the power of prayer? Patrick Joseph Sassnet discusses different ways in which prayer can affect your life.


Patrick Joseph Sassnet - Ways in Which Prayer Can Help
Patrick Joseph Sassnet – Ways in Which Prayer Can Help

Praying is a spiritual practice in which an individual puts all of their concentration into connecting personally with God. It’s a moment of intense focus when you try and shut off everything that’s going on around you, and be present in the moment of just you and the Lord; kind of like a meditation.


This is exactly why churches are the best places to pray; they offer a private, closed off and quiet space which can help channel your prayer more intensely when you ask God for help.


And while it might seem obvious to some, not everyone understands the full benefit of prayer, which is why, with the help of pastor Patrick Joseph Sassnet,  we’ve put together a list of ways in which prayer can help you on a personal level.


Prayer establishes and strengthens your bond with God

As mentioned above prayer is a conduit between you and the Lord. According to Patrick Joseph Sassnet, it’s one of the fastest ways of asking for and receiving guidance when times get hard. Aside from that, it’s also just a great way of telling the Lord how much you and love Him and are grateful for all of the things that He has given you.


Prayer offers strength in difficult times

“No one is immune to a bad day.” Says Patrick Joseph Sassnett. “And prayer is the ultimate cure.” When facing a difficult period in your life, it’s often tempting to try and block out the pain and stressors contributing to the hardships you’re facing. Prayer offers an alternative, and can help you come to terms with what is happening and offer solutions to deal with it.


Prayer helps us to see the light on the horizon


When things seem hopeless, prayer can help us remain hopeful. According to Patrick Joseph Sassnet even in the face of adversities, prayer is a powerful tool for seeing the good in people, the light at the end of the tunnel, and understanding that bad times pass and better times will come again.


Prayer connects people

While prayer is, of course, one of the best ways of connecting with God, it’s also a great way of connecting with people. Praying for others helps us unite with them. And praying together as people brings us closer both spiritually and emotionally.

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How to Grow Spiritually with Patrick J. Sasnett

Feeling stagnant? Check out these tips on how to grow spiritually with pastor Patrick J. Sasnett

Are you not at the spiritual tier that you expected yourself to be at this year? Don’t worry! Life happens in a variety of different ways, and sometimes you’ll find that you’ve gone a few weeks, months or even years without memorizing a piece of scripture or confronting a sin you grapple with day to day. It’s fine – and it happens to all of us. What’s important is that you realise your spiritual stagnation and take steps to course correct. Which is exactly what this article is about! Below, with the help of pastor Patrick J. Sasnett, we’re going to take a look at some quick and easy tips to jump start your spiritual growth and get you on back on the path to God.

Read your Bible consistently

“The word of God is available to you at all times.” Patrick J. Sasnett says. “It’s right there in the Bible which means it’s always within reach.” Don’t have a physical Bible? No problem! There are tons of apps available which will connect you digitally to the Lord. The important thing is that you realise how to read and interpret the Bible critically, and that you do it consistently. Set yourself a goal and stick to it. For example, decide that you want to read the entire Bible in one year, then figure out how many pages you need to read each day to achieve it.

Participate in a Bible-study group

According to Patrick J. Sasnett, another great way of growing spiritually is to surround yourself with likeminded, God-loving individuals. One of the easiest ways of doing this is to participate in a Bible-study group. Together you can all revel in the love of the Lord while getting closer to Him as well as making friends at the same time. Together you can grow spiritually while also praying for whatever concerns you have on your heart.

Start a journal and track your growth

Journaling is a great way of not only recording your thoughts and tracking your growth, but also serves as a tool for interpreting the Word of the Lord as you read it. Patrick J. Sasnett insists that journaling is both a great tool for spiritual but also personal growth. By the end of the year you’ll have an accurate record of how far you’ve come spiritually and how much more you understand God.

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Tips for Church Etiquette with Patrick Sasnett

First time church-goer or attending after a long absence? Check out these church etiquette tips with pastor Patrick Sasnett below.

Are you thinking about attending mass for the first time? Perhaps you’ve just moved areas and are looking to join a new church or denomination? Or maybe it’s simply been a while and you’re thinking of joining a service once again. Whichever it may be, it’s always a good idea to brush up on church etiquette so you know exactly how to stay respectful in His house of worship. To help you with this mini refresher course, we’ve enlisted the help of pastor Patrick Sasnett to guide us through the Ps and Qs of holy worship when praying in the house of God.

Try not to be late

“God forgives everyone.” Patrick Sasnett tells us. “And that includes late-comers, but you should still try and be on time for every mass.” Of course, sometimes life gets the better of us – we wake up too late, our alarm clocks forget to go off, or we simply get stuck in a hectic traffic jam on the way to the church. No problem! Just remember to slip quietly into the service and sit somewhere at the back so as not to disturb the rest of the parishioners.

Be mindful of others

“When attending mass, always take a second to see how everyone else is behaving.” Patrick Sasnett says. Are they sitting reverently and praying quietly? Or are they a bit more social? Each church has its own unique social dynamic based on the people who worship there, so be mindful of the group behaviour so you can avoid any congregation faux paus. If in doubt simply take your lead from the priest – he generally knows how to read the lay of the room and react accordingly.

Dress appropriately

It’s important to find out how people dress at your new church. According to Patrick Sasnett, some churches have a more laid back vibe, while others encourage the congregation to bring out their best and brightest every Sunday. This doesn’t mean you have to wear a three piece suit, but if everyone else is taking the time to dress up slightly, you shouldn’t saunter into the narthex wearing flip flops and board shorts.